Ready or not, here I come! :)

Hello there, fans, friends and curious onlookers!  Welcome to my brand new website! I have had the domain name for (gulp!) 25 years and I think after that long, it's about time I fling open the online door! ;) 

I like the idea of being a "best kept secret", but invisibility doesn't really suit me; and it's hard to be invisible when you're 6'5".

For the past 15 years (the time that has passed since I released "LOVE") I have been living life, loving, spending time with family,  working on my brother's (David Boswell) fantastic jazz recordings, living more, loving more, having the time of my life playing for some wonderful singers and songwriters (one of my favorite things to do) while taking a step back from my solo piano career.

I didn't want to create something just because I had to, I wanted to be inspired. I'm happier than you can imagine to tell you that I feel very inspired these days. Working on GARDEN OF THE SKY this past year has been the most joyful experience. I am so fired up that I've already started on the next recording. :)

A friend of mine wrote, "I have been looking forward to this day since the 20th century". :-) Thanks to my family, friends and fans that have waited so patiently for me to put out a new recording. I sincerely hope you enjoy GARDEN OF THE SKY as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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