"...A purity in its expression rarely found...An artistic sensitivity to the beauty of life with a depth that is breathtaking. Absolutely wonderful and very highly recommended." -Omega New Age

"...Gentle, peaceful and very accesible impressionistic tone poems...graceful in their spare simplicity." -Desert News

"This is intelligent, melodic piano solo music that grows on you...Recommended." -Northern Arizona A&E Guide

"A delightful treat...A sense of balance and lyrical grace that is truly impressive...An intimate, thoughtful recording with four stars for 'Heartfelt Musicality'." -Atlantis Rising

"Polished, intimate, and lovely..." -Ambience

"Boswell's lyricism and understated, yet moving performances create an irresistible mood." -Whole Life Times

"Flawless...a CD whose appeal should reach both contemporary jazz lovers, and those of you who appreciate fine solo piano work...Don't miss!" -Synthesis

"A mesmerizing musical treat." -WYSO-FM Dayton, Ohio

"After several critically acclaimed recordings, this sophisticated and emotionally direct pianist is finally poised for some well-deserved chart success." -New Age Retailer

"The best I've heard in a long time." -Radio Kansas

"Poignant, sensitive, intimate, lyrical, satisfying: you'll find it all in Trust. Themes of nature and human emotion dance around each other on Trust. John Boswell's fifth album radiates the mature optimism that comes from embracing life's challenges in the fullness of feeling, rather than shying away from them. To accomplish this musically, Boswell has stepped back from the ensemble sound that has characterized his most recent releases, and returned to the intimacy of the solo piano (occasionally offset by discrete synthesizer touches), approaching it with a deeply felt sensitivity and intelligent passion.
On Trust John Boswell demonstrates once again that he has mastered the elusive art of communicating deeply-felt sentiment without lapsing into facile sentimentality. The emotional honesty of his music is balanced by a technical sophistication and refined sensibility which enable him to skillfully explore the ways that nature affects the range of our human emotions."

"John Boswell's latest is an elegant, evocative ode to the most universal of inspirations, a bouquet of romantic instrumentals and songs addressing matters of the heart. Following his 1999 GLAMA Award for Male Artist of the Year, Love will further enhance the profile of this LA-based musician as an artfully understated pianist and tunesmith with a deeply felt affection for beautiful contemporary melodies."

"John Boswell has made an album of transcendent Christmas music to shine through your Holiday each year. It is beautifully musical, yet spiritual at the same time. It's a MUST for your Holiday stocking!" -Judy Collins, singer/songwriter/activist

"We love it! One of the best albums I've heard this year." -K101, San Francisco

"An inspiring,m touching recording, perhaps the best of the season." -The Music Paper

"The best holiday disc I've ever heard." -KTPR, Ft. Dodge

GARDEN OF THE SKY is available October 14th, 2014

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